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Fully Integrated Estimating, Bidding, Project Management, Employees, Vendors, Job Costing, Scheduling and Accounting.

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Accessible online information, improving client confidence, trust, increasing sales, and allowing you to manage more jobs.


Dramatically reduce the time spent estimating construction projects.


Online bid management makes gathering and evaluating bids a breeze.

Budget Management

Detailed budget reports and document backup at your finger tips.

Project Documentation & Reports

See your entire construction project documentation, reports, and detail, printed or online.


Complete your job on time. The dynamic timeline is automatically generated and easily modified online.

Change Orders

Document change requests, cost information, and change order approvals, are all online. Increase client confidence and eliminate amnesia.

QuickBooks Integration

If you are using QuickBooks with any other software, one thing you definitely don’t want to do is spend your time reentering the same information twice.


With BuildStar’s construction accounting software you only enter a transaction once. Information is shared between all the various BuildStar functions.

Getting Started is easy.
If you have questions we are there to help.

As never before, your team will be on the same page, and will get things done more efficiently and quickly.

Your team is the lifeblood of your company. BuildStar brings the team together to make sure everyone has the information and documentation at their finger tips whenever and wherever they need it.

The Best Construction Management Software for General Contractors and Sub Contractors

Let us help you get started. Your business will never be the same.

Simple set-up

We make setup easy. We work with you and your team to make sure you get the most from our tools. We’ll schedule one-on-one training personalized for your business.

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

We don’t charge for storage, so you can keep all of the documents and photos you need. Unlimited bandwidth means you can access everything whenever you want without worrying about increased costs.

Scalability to fit your needs

BuildStar is robust enough to handle any job size or type.

24/7 secure monitoring

We constantly monitor our servers to make sure your data is always available. You’ll rest easier knowing that your data is safe and accessible.

Customer Reviews

What our Clients Say About us

  • BuildStar is a very flexible and powerful. It does a great job of supporting our business and makes it much easier to deal with some of your most difficult challenges.

    Tim Jennings Epic Remodeling / Owner (Denver, CO)
  • With BuildStar, our company is so much more efficient. It was easy to learn and incorporate into our business.

    David Brownfield RDesign / Owner (Anchorage Alaska)
  • With BuildStar we have been able to significantly increase the number of projects we build and at the same time decrease my overheads. It truly has paid for itself.

    Rick Town TOWN Building & Development (Newbury Park, CA)

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  • BuildStar Feature Set
    • # of active jobs
    • Estimating
    • Vendor Bidding
    • Income & Expense Tracking
    • QuickBooks Synchronization
    • Budget Management
    • Allowance Tracking
    • Change Order Management
    • Scheduling
    • Document Management
    • Storage
  • BuildStar Pro
    $99.00 monthy
    • 1-10
    • up to 25GB
  • BuildStar Premium
    $199.00 monthly
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited

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