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Accessible online information, improving client confidence, trust, increasing sales, and allowing you to manage more jobs.


Dramatically reduce the time spent estimating construction projects.


Online bid management makes gathering and evaluating bids a breeze.

Budget Management

Detailed budget reports and document backup at your finger tips.

Project Documentation & Reports

See your entire construction project documentation, reports, and detail, printed or online.


Complete your job on time. The dynamic timeline is automatically generated and easily modified online.

Change Orders

Document change requests, cost information, and change order approvals, are all online. Increase client confidence and eliminate amnesia.

QuickBooks Integration

If you are using QuickBooks with any other software, one thing you definitely don’t want to do is spend your time reentering the same information twice.


With BuildStar’s construction accounting software you only enter a transaction once. Information is shared between all the various BuildStar functions.

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